Breaking down a busy day of Ukraine-Russia talks

Can We Stop Nuclear Proliferation in the Middle East?

Most of the military analysts have a negative outlook on WMD in the Middle East. Most of the think tank papers I’ve read show a rather dire and pessimistic view of nuclear proliferation in the Middle East as well, but still I ask; does it really have to be that way? No, I don’t believe it has to be any particular way, and that if we are careful and play it right, and have the help of the Arab League and others, we may be able to put a stop to the domino effect unraveling with regards to nuclear weapons…

Hurricane Katrina, New Orleans 2005

Hurricane Katrina struck the city of New Orleans on August 29th, 2005 catching the city unprepared for the massive floods that its squalls would bring. Katrina led to the structural failure of New Orleans’ federally constructed levee system, leaving 80% of the city totally flooded and leading to the deaths of 700 citizens. The storm would serve as a cultural watershed for America, not only because of the massive loss of human life, but because of the subsequent failure of the federal government organization, FEMA, to respond and rescue the survivors of the hardest-hit areas in timely fashion.

The Problems in Pakistan Are Potentially Pervasive

Pakistan is a large country with a huge population, and many of its areas are loosely governed, and many folks are not that well educated. Sounds like another troubled region for the world doesn’t it? Indeed, it is, and not part of Pakistan are hideouts for terrorists, and insurgents, and elements of radical Islam, who have been making the Afghan situation quite troubling for NATO and US troops trying to stabilize the region.

Pakistan on the UN Security Council With India Voting For It Too?

Well, it looks as if Pakistan is temporarily on the UN Security Council, and their neighbor India actually voted for that surprisingly enough, which I am assuming that is good news, as we need an open dialogue when two bordering nations like that have nuclear missiles point at one another. Maybe things are mellowing out over there was one comment that came in recently from an acquaintance. “Could be!

Winning the War in Afghanistan

Many believe that to ‘win the war’ in Afghanistan we need to leave with a secure and stable society and civilization, and yet do any of us really believe that is possible? Not long ago, I talked to an international analyst type acquaintance, who indicated that is the minimum we must do, otherwise the vacuum we leave once we are gone will re-fill in with the Taliban, and tribal area insurgents of Pakistan, and they will continue where they left off. Indeed, I immediately challenged my acquaintance and said; well, if that’s your definition of winning, but at…

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