Crisis deepens for Boris Johnson as four aides resign – BBC News

Putin’s Scary Evolution From Pragmatist To Megalomaniac

As we watch the dangerous developments slowly evolving in Crimea and now the rest of Ukraine, we have to ask ourselves whether we misjudged Vladimir Putin when he took office in 1999 as a competent, rational actor who, though deeply mired in KGB’s grim Soviet history, had a realistic view of the world and accepted Russia’s 20th century failures, and especially its fall from superpower status in 1989. Back in those days Putin chose wise advisers, including the liberal economist Alexei Kudrin and the political junkie Vladislav Surkov. But now a new Putin has emerged who has only one advisor, himself.

The CSTO: Russia’s Answer to NATO?

This article explains the creation process of the CSTO. Furthermore, it explains who is in the CSTO, its objectives, and long-term goals.

Phoenix Rising

As the world spins closer to an apocalyptic event where the rule of law is anarchy one can not help wondering would life on the other side be that much different in the outcome? Questions need to be asked if mankind has any hope of staving off a reality too horrific to even contemplate. Cultures have clashed through-out the ages for it has always been for the pursuit of power, control and wealth that has dominated man’s conscious thoughts and actions since the beginning of time.

The 72-Hour Night of the Long Knives

The Nazis settled a lot of scores during the Night of the Long Knives. One of the casualties was an old friend of Hitler who had been with him from the beginning.

Terrorism Versus Parental Guidance

It has often been argued that parental guidance is what provides children with confidence, a sense of responsibility guiding them into adulthood, and the knowledge of what is right versus what is wrong. In principle I have no disagreement with this sentiment, but to enshrine parental guidance thusly would seem to concomitantly certify its opposite: that a lack of parental guidance blocks children from acquiring confidence, a sense of responsibility, and a sense of right versus wrong behavior. If I cannot accept the latter, I must also refute the former.

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