Demonstrators demand justice after Amir Locke killed by police

What/Who Is Anonymous?

The question people have been asking is, “who or what is Anonymous?” People have asked if members of this hacktivist group are freedom fighters, vigilantes or terrorists. However asking about members is not the way to get at the meaning of this group. The real question is, on a metaphysical level, what is Anonymous? Or in other words, on a fundamental level, what kind of entity or being is it?

Egypt and Chinese Investment In The Region – So What Else Is New

Imagine if our country had an Arab Spring type event? What if our society abruptly thrown into total chaos? How long do you think it would be to bring everything back into perspective, and get everything operating normally again? It might take quite a while. Therefore, it shouldn’t surprise anyone that Egypt is trying to take it slow, and there is still a lot of mistrust between the citizens and the government. Whereas, it is true that time heals all wounds, the citizens of Egypt may not have the patience needed during the duration of the economic recovery, a recovery which is necessary to prevent future violence and upheaval.

China, Philippines, and Last But Not Least, USA

There are two main issues regarding Philippines that are surfacing at the moment; the first is the territorial conflict between the two nations mainly involving the Huangyen islands in the South China sea, while the second is the anti-governmental armed protests in Philippines by the Moro National Liberation Front (MNLF). One notable point in the two occurrences is that the Chinese believe that the United States of America is deeply involved in both issues – and in a very negative way.

Will the Human Race Become Extinct?

Will the human race become extinct? What a joke, impossible. Our numbers runs into billions and the birth rates are not going to stop. I agreed with you all, but have you consider the family tree. In some countries it is diminishing and we are not talking about nuclear, earthquakes, tsunamis, war etc. Some families trees are becoming extinction due to choices made by the individuals…

On Your Marks, Get Set, Africa!

Africa, with all its angst and chaotic history and struggle with social upheaval is showing a resilience and sense of survival at which we can marvel. South African Businesses are waking up and scrabbling in an attempt to expand into Africa as it continues to grow.

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