Happy Groundhog Day!

What in the World Happened to the “Fat Lady”?

In America they have a saying that “it ain’t over ’til the fat lady sings”. It seems to me that the “fat lady”, has been singing out for quite some time and might even have sung herself hoarse, but nobody heard her or they were too busy following the false leads of what Donald Trump calls fake news to pay attention. Now I know that I have probably not been politically correct here in using the word “fat”, please forgive me, I am not up-to-date on this issue, but will defer to the…

The Dawn of Armageddon

As the world is hurdling toward the final climax of mankind one has to wonder will anything survive. Will just a score of humans remain on a desolate planet, or will all living things be obliterated in a blink of an eye? Even though there is a real possibility that a large enough meteor could strike the planet and wipe out all life forms there is a much more possibility that mankind will cause the ultimate destruction on earth.

Republican Election Interference: Lessons in History Series 2

The impeachment of Donald Trump is comparable to Richard Nixon in that both were caught with “smoking guns” the second time they interfered in a presidential election. Looking at their impeachment experiences leads to three important historical lessons.

The Role of ManMohan Singh Ex-Indian PM in Suppressing the Truth

ManMohan Singh was prime minister of India for 10 years. It was a period marked by servility to Nehru Gandhi family. He refused to follow up leads on Bose whereabouts for fear of the Nehru -Gandhi family.

The Ideal Revolution Will Happen

It is no longer news that the cerebral fragment of the Nigerian middle-class has been furious about the prospect and requisite of a revolution in Nigeria, such that will alter our political condition. Several groups have joined such call, ranging from the human right activists, labour unions, opposition parties to students’ community. It is crystal clear that some of these have neglected a heart of sincerity in their call, as the political-economic interest of the common man is not put into thoughtfulness.

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