Islamic State leader Abu Ibrahim al-Qurayshi killed in Syria – BBC News

Innovative Governance Required in India

One certainly contemplates as to why a potentially strong country like India continues to bear the tag of an emerging economy. What stops it from acquiring the label of a developed country? If the country has abundance of natural resources, plethora of trained work force and blessings of a great weather, there should be no excuse.

Joy To the Chinese Fishes In the Deep Blue See, Joy To You And Me?

Indeed, I was wondering the other day if the Chinese government will require all fish swimming through its supposed territorial waters to stop and register with the Communist Government there. I laughed, because there are huge dead zone (lack of oxygen) off their coasts, thus, no fish would want to swim there. Obviously, their fishermen now have to go further to get reliable unpolluted fish, a mainstay food item for the Chinese, right up there with rice, right? Let’s talk.

Fancy Changing Your Name?

In the UK we can name our children without restriction, and furthermore we can change our given name and surname to whatever we please and however many times we like; in this respect we are one of the most liberal nations in the world. In other countries, however, the laws are quite different and often surprisingly strict. This article offers a few examples…

Chinese Year of the Wood Horse 2014: Amazing London Celebrations!

Our Troupe’s three Lions Danced together non-stop in around 40-50 fortunate venues during my 5 hour plus shift manipulating the 12 ft pole and 10 ft flag in martial arts fashions. Fortunately, I was able to avoid all the hanging Chinese Lanterns, flags, banners, signs and even trees in our way during this period.

Help Venezuela!

The Venezuelan people are in the streets of Venezuela, fighting for their survival and the future of their kids, and it appears that international medias are not paying much attention. I urge you to read it, share it, and take action any way you can to help Venezuelans take their country from darkness toward a bright future.

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