Olympic skating 101

Business and Trade in Hong Kong: A Look

Hong Kong is the place to be if you are thinking of starting your business. Here is a look at the trade and finance of Hong Kong and what makes this place special.

How to Prevent Terrorism From Megacity Slums

Megacity slums, home to millions of people living in appalling and lawless conditions, will be a clear and present danger if they become home to international terrorists. We have to prevent this happening.

5 True and False French Culture Facts

I love to read material about French culture. What’s interesting is that they’re usually articles written by non-French folks saying things about France and French people that are all too often false. Since I am French, I wanted to set things straight about a few things that people seem to be quite confused about at times.

Beyond the Human Mind

Its only known to those who have reincarnated and can feel the Spirit and who are gifted with insight into reality. They need no church or teacher to inform them of right and wrong and they rarely enter such an establishment for peace or understanding. What they have is beyond the mind to recognise and beyond the scope of others to achieve.

Dual Use Innovative Space Technology and Propulsion Systems and the Chinese

Recently, Chinese Scientists were told they could not participate in a NASA event covering topics of planetary exploration and astrophysics. This angered the Chinese obviously, but it also caught a few American Scientists off guard as well.

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