Suspect arrested in the fatal shooting of 2 police officers

The Mother God Married To The Bull God-Man

People are confused about religious origins because of the variations in worship and the many names of the gods created from celestial bodies. Now it is almost impossible to tell which one is right or even if any of them are.

Why God Led Man To Invent The Internet

Not everyone has access to the Internet but all can watch TV or listen to the radio. The means by which news is spread is now so global that no matter where one is they are not out of reach.

Artists Created Pictures To Credit The False Gods And Religious Claims

Those who are taken in by the images that are presented for worship in religious organisations are not in the Spirit. Those with a sense of spirituality are appalled by them and will quickly leave their presence.

Why Terrorism, Climate Change, Over Population, And All Disasters Reflect God’s Anger

The Spirit of God is destroying the evil of the world and will remove all those who oppose it. The plan of God is written in prophecy for those with an ear to hear and eyes to see.

Tragedies Follow Worship Of False Gods

The worshipers of idols and those caught in the trap of heaven and hell are not of God and the Spirit is dealing with them. The fear of God is not in man who seeks to go his own way and make-believe and a good story is more important to him that the truth.

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