Tributes to Queen as Platinum Jubilee marks 70 years on throne – BBC News

Brunei Darrusalam National Vision 2035 – The Real Inclusive Growth

Brunei Darussalam is a small country in South East Asia, located on the coast of Borneo. The country is known as the ‘Abode of Peace’ and is known for its well managed administration. It has launched many policies and laws for the welfare of its people but the biggest vision that it launched in the year 2007 is called the ‘Brunei Vision 2035’ which aims at inclusive growth of the nation by focusing on eight major aspects. The areas of development include, education, economy, institutional development, domestic business development, national security, social security, infrastructure development, and environmental strategy.

Siri Derkert – Using Art to Change Society

This article describes the life of Siri Derkert, Swedish Avant-garde artist dedicated to improving the situation of women in the early 20th century. The article describes some of her accomplishments as well as her vision for a society recognizing the equal value of women’s contributions to society.

Japan Will Shoot Down North Korean Missile Satellite Launch

Well, it seems there is just far too much chaos and controversy going on in the territorial waters around Asia. It seems that everyone wishes to control the airspace and the oceans, not to mention capitalize on all the resources available from fishing to oil, and from natural gas to REE’s. As if we didn’t have enough animosity between China and her neighbors such as; the Philippines, Japan, Myanmar, Vietnam, and Taiwan – now we have more challenges to face in the already kindled fire wood which is having its flames fanned.

“Everything Is Looking Great in China”, The World Bank Said – That’s Their Job, Positive Spin

China is often considered the fastest emerging market in the world, and the fastest-growing economy. In fact, each year the Chinese government puts out figures, economic data, and much of it blows the socks off of anything else that anyone else is doing across the globe. However, I would submit to you just like our own government, much of these economic numbers are fudged.

Kony 2012: Catalyst for Change, Peace Or Fame?

Being a catalyst for change is not easy, especially in a media-driven world where the press often instigates controversy solely to induce greater viewership. Jason Russell and Ben Keesey, cofounders of the Invisible Children Foundation, seem to have become victims of this and the unruly machinery in society where people love to bash whatever they don’t agree with or understand.

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