US COVID-19 death toll tops 900,000

Something About Indian Foreign Policy

Indian foreign policy, or external policy, is beset with several challenges. Some of them have been met while others continue to remain where they are.

East Belfast Underclass – Get Their Say With Failed Results

The stats do the talking – over 100 police officers injured in almost 40 days of protest with 100 arrests. The world’s media descent. A local’s view.

Plastic Industry In India Has Enormous Potential for Growth

The steady improvement in science and technology has led to the development of more and more products and substances that were previously unheard of in the world. One such element is the plastic. This material was completely unknown only a couple of centuries ago.

The Demotic Script of Ancient Egypt

The Ancient Egyptians spoke to us through their hieroglyphs but these complex pictograms were actually the writing of the elite class that related their lives and the achievements of the pharaohs by depicting them on their tomb walls and the monuments of the Nile Valley. From the very beginning Egyptians of the street began to speak a different language and adopt a different kind of writing far more simple than the hieroglyphs. For nearly a thousand years from about 500 BCE to 500 CE, this demotic or popular language, a name given by Herodotus, became the preferred script at court.

Funeral of Norodom Sihanouk

This is a brief summary of the life of Norodom Sihanouk. He was King of Cambodia during the turbulent times after Cambodia gained independence from France, the Vietnam War and the tyranny of the Khmer Rouge.

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