US Olympic athletes test positive days before winter games

Russia: Between Poison and Vaccine

We believe that Russia’s internal and external aggressive actions stem from a people trying to survive, compete and regain their lost glory. But they are going about it in a wrong way. I believe that what they basically need now to take their rightful place is an urgent economic and political reform. They must get these two right if they really want to stage a comeback. Presently it looks like it is agitated on all fronts and this is affecting its behaviour and relationship with others. She must look inwards to solve her problems and also learn how to move on with the rest of the world in a positive competitive way.

The Red Zone at Grave Risk in Italy, Second Wave Covid-19!

Most citizens of Italy thought they would have seen an end to the coronavirus invasion of their territory by now after having said many prayers, having danced and sung on the balconies across the land. It seemed the virus had gone away just in time for the summer holidays, and Italians wanted to get their touristry industry moving once again, especially since much of the economy depends on tourism. Moreover, many Italians travelled abroad over the summer while the majority revisited their beloved nation or had a staycation. Unfortunately, Covid-19 had never really disappeared as it lurked waiting for its second great blow in Autumn.

Collaborate With These 5 Jaipur Photographers For The Most Beautiful Wedding Memory

In a wedding every element is important but having a perfect photographer beats all the other requirements. It’s the photographer who has the responsibility of capturing the perfect moment of your special occasion. Wedding photos play a vital role in creating the best memories which are cherished for life.

Of Voltes V and Human Trafficking

Japan, land of the rising sun…

Exposing The Hangman: An Expose on the Singapore Justice System

Under the Misuse of Drugs Act of Sinapore, any person found importing, exporting or in possession of more than the prescribed amount of drugs receives the death sentence. The Act to some degree reverses the usual burden of proof in common law jurisdictions. Under the Act, any person found in mere possession is presumed to be trafficking.

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