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Today, All The World’s A Stage

Someone once said, I think it was Shakespeare, “All the world is a stage.” To which one could add all the world is a stage but, we are all bit players. There have been many lead roles that have always changed hands and some have actually changed the course of history.

Crown Prince of Arabia Started His Quest for a Place in History With Arrest of 38 Corrupt Princes

Crown Prince carries out a veritable coup as he consolidates his power in the quest for modernization Prince Mohammed Bin Salman has moved with lightning speed, something unheard off in Saudi Arabia earlier as he orders detention 38 prominent businessmen including 11 princes. Prince Mohammed Bin Salman has sent a clear message that the old way of doing business and trying to keep Saudi Arabia under wraps are over. The Prince who is only 32 is one of the modern educated men in the Kingdom.

The New Moon Festival Provokes Terrorist Attacks

Few Christians would associate Easter with the new moon, and yet that is exactly the timing of it. Constantine, who established the Catholic Church in 325 AD and invented Jesus Christ (Revelation 13:12-18), altered the time of Easter (Eye Star) from the equinox to the first full moon after it. This was to hide the roots of the new religion from that of the old, which is the Islamic religion of Babylon.

Northern Ireland: Wilson’s Proposal and Brexit

The general public in the UK became aware of troubles in Northern Ireland in the late 1960s when stories first appeared of atrocities committed by the irregular Irish Republican Army (IRA). Bombings and shootings became frequent occurrences and the troubles spread to the Republic of Ireland and to the UK mainland of Great Britain. Soon the IRA militants, who were Catholic Republicans, were opposed by a Protestant Loyalists militia and the atrocities multiplied. A long-running, if low-level, civil war might have been averted if more people had listened to the then Prime Minister, Harold Wilson. His proposal would have solved the British Government’s current Irish problem as it seeks a way out of the European Union.

Catholic Lies and Murders That the World Tolerates

The history of religion is one of extreme torture, murder, and genocide. It is happening now and has done throughout the modern era. The Catholic Church is the worst culprit of all yet it survives with governments everywhere in agreement with it.

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