President Biden tackles gun violence

Flashback to the Sixties – Growing Up During the Nigerian-Biafran War

The era that brought out the adventure in children was the same era that filled adults with anguish. While children explored rural nature, adults worried about surviving starvation, which the Federal Republic of Nigeria said was the quickest way to bring secessionist Biafrans of the Igbo tribe to their knees.

Wang Did It

China finds scapegoats in the press for its financial woes. We sought ours in the banks.

The Jewish Fight With History Is Like the Plight of People Everywhere

History is His story-the story of God and His people. But life is often like the picture of a camouflaged tiger. In real life, survival may depend on recognizing the tiger in its context. The tiger’s eyes don’t fit the context of stripes in tall grass. Details are important. So it is with some details in history.

Our Fingerprints On Europe’s Refugee Problem

European indifference helped create the refugee crisis. But American fingerprints are on it too.

How Vietnam Celebrated Independence Day

After various periods of residence in Vietnam totalling over more than five years no opportunity had arisen to witness an independence-day celebration. However, on the second of September, 2015, Vietnam celebrated its seventieth anniversary of independence and a major parade was held on the extensive Ba Dinh Square, Hanoi, in the shadow of founding father, Ho Chi Minh’s great mausoleum. Beginning with a march past of all the units of the armed forces it progressed to a procession of floats and glorious displays of elaborate costumes by a broad cross section of Vietnam’s fifty four ethic minority peoples.

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