Winter Games get underway

The Bride of Christ Facts and Fiction

The world has been tricked by religious fraud and is suffering the consequences. While things like a virgin birth, heaven and hell, and eternal suffering by the dead are impossibilities many will continue to believe in them because they have been brainwashed from birth.

How Halloween Came to Germany

How do you import a holiday? A German marketing expert had little trouble doing so with Halloween in post-unification Germany.

God Is Killing the World As We Know It

Humans are not to blame for what is happening to the earth. We are controlled by a force that created everything and man does not have the ability to remove what God set in place.

100 Days of Xi Jinping

100 days since Xi Jinping assumed his full responsibilities as the President of the People’s Republic of China. So we review how his new administration preformed in these key initial few months, what was enacted and what was encountered. The world’s attention is increasingly turning to China and there is the possibility that the Xi period will mark the creation of, in the words of the European Council on Foreign Relations’ Director Mark Leonard, “China 3.0”, the next China. If, as many have forecast, the 21st century is to be China’s century, the Xi Jinping premiership will be of critical, foundational importance.

Constantine Built the First Vatican

While people continue to worship the false gods created or implemented by Constantine the world suffers under the rules he imposed. The New Testament is not a record of the so-called son of God but a fictional composite of what his religion wants us to believe. The motivation was and is power and control.

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