Pfizer requests vaccine authorization for children as young as 6 months

Ban Blood Sports

Blood sports as the name suggests, refers to certain forms of sports that involve bloodshed of innocent animals. It involves engaging the animals in a fierce fight against each other and often ends with the death of one or all the animals involved.

Horrors of Factory Farming

Animal Rearing started as a very cautious effort to gain benefits from animals while keeping them safe, but this was the only the case of the early and primitive times. In today’s modern world, factory farming and its horrors are a contemporary reality. This article will discuss a few of these ill-practices that consequently provide us with ‘a lot of food.’

Stop Crush

Have you heard about animal abuse and horrendous torture of animals? Animal crush videos offer you a chance to witness such crimes being committed live. Explore them to see how precious bunnies, kittens, puppies, and little mice are tortured just to solve some mere human purpose of deriving sexual pleasure form their screams and yells. These innocent, helpless animals are amputated, intoxicated, beaten, burnt, and made to undergo tortures that you can’t imagine even in your wildest of nightmares.

Ban Rabbit Farming

Over the years, rabbits have been reared and killed for the purpose of consumption. In recent years, the number of rabbits being killed has sharply increased due to the growing demand, not only in food, but also as a source of fur. It is now one of the fastest growing sectors in the fur trade and yet the world is largely unaware of it. According to the reports, about 50 million animals are killed throughout the world solely for their fur. However, what is alarming is that rabbits are not counted amongst these numbers and although the precise numbers are yet to be determined, it is safe to say that the rabbits are being killed in millions.

The Diplomat

The beginning of June 2017 will be remembered as a watershed moment in American history. This is when the United States surrendered its global leadership at a time when it is so badly needed. Under President Trump’s stewardship America has steadily moved backward in terms of ushering policies and directives that would grow international relationships as well as promoting real authentic economic growth here and abroad.

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