Amir Locke: Outrage grows after Minneapolis ‘no-knock’ police shooting

Is a Full-Scale Civil War in Syria Next Up On the Arab Spring-Summer-Winter-Fall List of Chaos?

Well, it seems that the Arab Spring in Syria just will not quit, and things are getting rather problematic. The current government wants to maintain power, and the world is worried that if it falls things could be worse after it is gone. Then there is the issue with human rights, and the powers that be telling President Assad that if he keeps up the brutality and killing of protestors that he may in the end not only lose his leadership role, but also be brought to an international court to answer for his actions.

Why Don’t All Nations Unite to Stop the Somalia Based Pirates?

Not long ago, I mentioned to an acquaintance that there is a good chance that the Somalia pirate problem will be solved within the next 5 to 10 years. They seem to be a little taken aback, and felt as if my predictions were a little over the top. But really I don’t think my estimates are, and let me explain why.

Gaddafi Had More WMDs Than He Disclosed or Intelligence Community Foretold Us

It was very interesting that NATO, the Obama Administration, and our intelligence agencies made no mention of WMD when they decided to put in a no-fly zone to prevent Kadhafi from using his aerial assets against the protesters. It’s not that we didn’t know that Qaddafi had lots of WMD, as it has been written about in several books I’ve read, and the information goes back several decades, it wasn’t actually a secret.

Papandreou Tells Greeks It’s Time To Grow Up

Papandreou told his fellow Greeks to make a choice and accept the consequences. It’s a gamble, but not an irrational one.

So How Is Democracy and Constitutional Freedom Doing in the World – Nicaragua Election

It seems sometimes it takes generations of game playing to bring democracy or a free Republic government to a war torn nation-state, and then in a blink of an eye, it’s all gone again, such are the scattered stories throughout the annals of human history, but why I ask? Why is this so common and why is it that when a corrupt regime does fall that those re-entrusted to take the helm turn out to me no better, sometimes worse. All the blood, sweat, and tears for not.

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