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Constantine Established the Catholic Church and All of Christianity That Followed It

History records blood thirsty episodes by conquering heroes as great events. That’s why Constantine is called ‘the Great’. The bible calls him 666 and notes that he invented Jesus Christ and, therefore, all of Christianity. He didn’t convert to it as many claim because he was responsible for it.

The Start of the Roman Catholic Church and Christianity

Christianity could not have existed before the invention of Jesus Christ and that followed the establishment of the Catholic Church by Constantine. The nature of God has been confused by the addition of the New Testament and the conspiracy put in place by Constantine who is nominated as 666 in Revelation chapter 13.

Nothing New Under the Sun

Humans are creatures of habit. They go on with the same thinking, the same objects of worship and the same degree of ignorance that both confuses and amazes them.

The World Today – What Lies Ahead?

The economic meltdown in the West remains fragile as it integrates economic reforms and austerity measures anew. In the latest April 2013 data released, unemployment rate hits a new record high of 12.1% with over 19 million people jobless across Euro zone. Moreover, the Middle East upheaval demanding political reforms continues and spreads like wildfires affecting more Arab nations than ever before.

Explaining About Reincarnation

For some reincarnation is acceptable because they have some connection to it. For others, however, the noise of the world drowns out any feeling they may have felt towards it.

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