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We Are in The Day of the Lord Which Started on 27th May 2012

We Are in The Day of the Lord Which started on 27th May 2012 and this is why I believe it… [I don’t want to believe it and believing it has put me in a spiral of depression recently so be WARNED: some people will be able to say it’s not true and laugh it off, but if you start joining the dots and believe the books I’m about to mention then you may become depressed.]

Is Obama Administration Too Busy Campaigning to Do Anything About the Japan-China Crisis?

Some of President Obama’s political opposition insist that his administration’s current foreign policies are insufficient, unwise, and potentially dangerous for the future of humanity. Depending on your political persuasion you might agree or vehemently disagree, such is politics. For those who charge that the President is too busy playing golf, or playing hooky when it comes to intelligence briefings, I’d say such charges might not be very well founded. Nevertheless, the record does speak for itself. Consider, the most recent events around the world.

Baltic Complexity

Most everything we say or do is largely influenced by culture. Ever since the birth of the Baltic republics, it has been common knowledge, politically correct and misguidedly romantic to classify Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania as if like the Benelux countries, they had many cultural similarities, given their forced annexation to the Soviet Union. Such misrepresentation has been promoted by the Western mainstream media who often offer a myopic and distorted view of the internal dynamics of each of these cultures and societies.

Religious Cover-Up and Paedophilia

Paedophilia, murder, cover up and corruption have grown under the heading of religious tolerance. While most are brain-washed into believing that religion is right and proper and that it is not to be denied there is a case to force a change in this type of thinking.

Why Is The US Avoiding the China Territorial Ocean Disputes With Japan?

The United States is allied with Japan and also with China as our preferred trading partner. We have military bases in Japan and have since WWII. We’ve also been involved saving China’s butt from the Japanese, and later had the Chinese aiding our enemies against us. We’ve obviously had it out with the Japanese in WWII, and that just wasn’t very funny. Today, we are all trading partners. So, why aren’t we all working together to resolve the issues of ocean territorial disputes between Japan and the Chinese?

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