Pentagon says ISIS leader killed during Syrian raid

Why Is Reincarnation an Important Subject in Today’s Environment?

Traditional religious congregations are dwindling as people find their spiritual links and collect with others doing the same. The movement into light started about 100 years ago and has progressed to such an extent that buildings are bursting at the seams where this is taking place.

Everyone Who Ever Lived Is Back in Their Bodies

The world is declining rapidly as overpopulation and climate change impact on it. The purpose was laid out in prophecies in the Old Testament that tell of all that is happening is part of the plan of God.

The Stumbling Block That Captured the World’s Imagination and Is Bringing It to an End

The Spirit promised that at the end the stumbling block will be removed and the truth revealed. That time is now! What is happening in the world is part of the plan of God and we are living through it.

Kids Sleeping on the Streets With No Homes to Return To

Without a warm bed, comfortable chairs, warmth and food in their stomachs many children are dying. This is an event that we can’t change as it is the sign of the times. The world is in crisis.

The Hermit Kingdom

How can Ethiopia and the Republic of Korea share any similarities? You might be surprised to see how very similar they are at their core.

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