Actress Madalen Mills: ‘Sometimes you have to learn how to rescue yourself’

What Did Nelson Mandela Mean To Africans?

Some thirty-five years ago Senegal’s then president, Abdou Diouf, christened “Soweto Square” and “Nelson Mandela Avenue” in downtown Dakar, Senegal’s capital city. I have no personal memory of this occasion, but I cannot begin to overstate the influence that this brave “former terrorist” from South Africa (those are his own words) had on my native country. His influence during his own lifetime was enormous. Having now died without a single blemish on his reputation, it can only increase in the decades ahead. He is a sorely needed hero for Africans. Alas, we live on a continent teeming with tyrants but few heroes. Nelson Mandela put every African despot — and there are perhaps too many of them to count — to shame on that day in 1997 when he announced that he would not seek a second term as South Africa’s president. Getting African El Supremos to leave office is more often like pulling rotting tree trunks out of the ground with a pair of tweezers.

People Flock to the Dark Mountains and Get Lost in the Confusion and Mysteries That Support Them

The dark mountains are destroying creation because of man’s dreams and ignorance. In the end they will be overturned and the mountain of God will be found above them.

Why Is There No Name for Father God?

There is a reason why Father God has no name and it has to do with the plan that is in place to bring the children of Israel to the Spirit at the end of the day. We are fast approaching that time.

Echoes Of KAL 007

China’s creation of an air defense zone recalls the Soviet downing of Korean Air Lines Flight 007. Seventy years of American dominance in the Pacific does not need to be erased overnight for Beijing to achieve its strategic goals.

The EU’s Failure to Inspire Could Cause Its Breakdown

The European Union is failing in its function of catalyst for reforms in emerging Europe, and this could have serious consequences, including a breakdown of the union. A major, albeit little talked-about consequence of the European debt crisis is the fact that, as the euro proved not to be the ideal currency union and the EU not the ideal set-up for dealing with a crisis, people in Central, Eastern and South Eastern Europe were left without a goal towards which to converge.

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