President of CNN resigns after romantic internal relationship revealed I ABCNL

Into The Abyss The Global Terror Continues

The dystopian condition of the world today where the plight of humanity reflects the cruel reality at the heart of civilization is a haunting reminder mankind is at the brink of falling into the Abyss. The toxic combination of religious and ethnic hatred, the inability to attain a civil society, and the failure to accept the primacy of science will undoubtedly lead to the ensuing destruction of cultures especially in the Mid-East that stretches back to antiquity. Mankind has since entered the 21st century.

The C.I.A. Director Publicly States Reasons Why Iran Nuclear Deal Should Be Delayed

The C.I.A. director has publicly provided information that suggests the Iran nuclear negotiations should be delayed. The Obama administration sure has a strange way of disseminating information to the public. After being told by the president repeatedly over the past few days that the Iran nuclear outline was a grand diplomat achievement, the president’s Central Intelligence Director provided very significant information at Harvard University that makes a strong case for delaying the deal. Are members of the administration speaking with each other? The New York Times reported the story a few days ago and it is reference for this post.

The African Migrants Consigned To A Watery Grave

The African migrant tragedy raised many political issues, not least the Libya conflict of 2011 of which many now see as a key contributing factor in this current crisis. This article will look at who was responsible and what needs to happen from here.

Can We Become an Unconditionally Loving World?

Living is all about handling our emotions-positive, negative or neutral. The vast majority of people learn from others. Unconditional love has been the message throughout the centuries. People can learn to work at becoming unconditionally loving. If everyone did, it could lead to world peace.

Extreme Russia – Or a Foretaste of Things to Come?

I have just watched the first two episodes of Reggie Yates Extreme Russia on BBC 3 and I have to say I am utterly shocked. I was aware of the current anti gay legislation and culture there, but what Reggie has shown with this courageous documentary is that things are so much worse.

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