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The Middle East – What a Mess, But What’s New?

I’ve often joked when it comes to the Middle East that; if they were not fighting us, they’d be fighting each other. No, that’s not a very funny joke, especially now as we watch all the suicide bombings throughout the Middle East, and the 125,000 plus people (civilians) who have died in Syria’s Civil War (as of July 2013). Syria has always been problematic – in the past there have been as many as 10 international terrorist groups headquartered in Syria.

When Inheritance Requires Trading With The Enemy

What happens when heirs live under a regime that faces economic sanctions? It is a very tricky estate planning problem.

Crossing the Border Into Nicaragua

As an American expat living in Central America, life is pretty simple for the most part. Travel is rather easy when there are no real time constraints, and the most difficult part is merely deciding where to go. Crossing certain international borders, however, can be an entirely different matter, but even that can have a silver lining.

Charity and Corruption

Any number of people would like to improve the lot of the less fortunate; however they also need to know that the money is spent correctly. And to that effect most efforts – both public and private – have failed. Foreign aid has shown to result in not much more than increased consumption by the wealthier people in recipient countries, and very little of that money has reached the intended recipients.

How To Authenticate Press Credentials

Legitimate press passes are imperative for both full time as well as part-time journalists seeking to carve a niche in the chosen area of the media world. However, to gauge the authenticity of such press credentials, it is necessary to look into things like the format, whether the organization is licensed and has the online presence with optimum clarity of information.

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