White House reacts to strong January jobs report

Arab Spring of 2013 – Place Your Bets

Well, we’re coming up on the Arab spring, and you are probably wondering how come the Middle East goes out of control twice a year. The reason is that during the time periods between winter and summer, the weather is quite decent, and people come out of their habitats and roam the streets. With not a lot to do, high unemployment, and tons of people in their early 20s, there’s a lot of piss and vinegar, testosterone, and all that is available to angry youth. It’s a recipe for disaster, and one can only wonder what will happen in the Arab Spring of 2013.

Over Population and Collapse – Let’s Handle Our Own Affairs and Forget the Rest of the World

The United Nations has a committee that is working on the challenges of overpopulation. That is to say too many humans on the planet causing us to run out of resources, things such as; freshwater, fossil fuels, food, medicine, resources and materials. It’s a huge problem. It may not be such a big problem where you are because maybe you live in a sparsely populated area and everything seems fine. But in many places in the world things are not so fine, people are living in the middle of the desert, and they are importing everything.

Why Did England Sell the Original Magna Carta to Wealthy US Citizens – That’s a Scary Thought

Back during the Bush Administration after the major fighting had stopped in Iraq and partial victory was declared, the new interim Iraqi government met to come up with a constitution to help guide their nation forward and to unite the Sunny, Shia, and Kurds so they could begin rebuilding. Unfortunately, there were still many who were bitter from the internal sectarian violence and some old republican guard still around making it nearly impossible to come to any consensus on a constitution.

Curious Case Of The Shanghai Exchange

Imagine two countries. In one, the economy grows slowly and its stock market moves at a similar pace. The other country’s economy grows by leaps and bounds, but its stock market just seems to get worse and worse. I have just described the current state of affairs in the U.S. and mainland China.

International Flags – Useful Info

Different kinds of international flags serve as unique symbols of various nations across the globe. They are often hoisted at the embassies of various countries in every continent. In most cases, they symbolize a lot wherever they are displayed. Most nations cherish their flags irrespective of the design pattern and shape.

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