Author Amy Zegart: ‘We’re facing a deception revolution’

The Runaway Trump Train

Donald Trump is trampling the US Constitution like a circus elephant gone wild. The Trump base loves his insolence in defying social and legal norms. To them, he is a risk-taking businessman keeping the country on track even if his methods are dirty. To break that staunch loyalty to a sketchy leader, lawmakers will have to split the base into those with common sense and the others who will be drowned out in the fight to preserve the Constitution.

Who Stands Out As Best Candidate for President of the USA?

In the wake of the disastrous and extremely damaging Trump Administration and performance the next president needs to be someone special. He or she has to be young, vibrant, well-educated, capable, and fit. That rules out all of those 70 years and older.

Conservative, Right-Wing Governments Are Killing the World While Silencing the Majority

History has many lessons to teach us but who wants to know? When visions of WWII and the holocaust are shown my thoughts turn to how placidly people boarded the trains to their death. To be that willing to obey a handful of soldiers with guns many thousands preferred to live that extra bit longer than to die for their cause.

Science and Climate Change and Why It Should Not Be Ignored

The most prominent debate at this time is climate change and the manner in which it is downplayed and twisted into unsubstantiated tales. Governments are the worst offenders when it comes to twisting facts into policies. It stands to reason that those who favour their elected representatives are, therefore, more trusting of them than they are of some science that may well be above their heads.

Ten Things to Love About America on Trump Days

America is at a legal crossroads with isolationist Trump as President in l world facing global challenges from migration due to climate change and a world in constant contact through social media. America is the acknowledged world leader in progress toward justice and equality. America’s elected leaders clash daily on a way forward. In the exhausting battle about the future, Americans can take a breather with a reminder of what makes America as great as it is..

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