Mixed messages over the threat in Ukraine

War With China Is Inevitable

It’s not the desire of Western Nations that we have a war with China but the pressure from the leadership of that nation makes it inevitable. The activity in the South China Seas is a provocation ensuring that all Asian nations, including Australia, are dragged into it. This will lead, in turn, to other countries following as the big black hole of extinction opens to absorb the human race; as the last days of life on earth comes to pass.

Instead of Trump’s Wall, Mexico Should Abolish the Catholic Church and Use Birth Control

Every nation currently struggling with massive over-population and corrupt governments are controlled by ideologies and misconceptions that increase their problems. The Catholic Church rushes into every corner of the globe to spread its lies and impose ideas that are killing the planet. It spreads lies, hate, and poverty through rules that outlaw family planning and limit population growth.

Why War With China Is Inevitable

Most now accept that we are in the last days and the bible prophecy is that the earth will burn and all life will become extinct. There are many signs that these projections are coming true and the main one is the establishment of the Mountain of God above all the mountains and everyone will flow to it (Micah 4:1). If we assume that this infers the establishments and World Order than look no further than the Internet for its fulfilment.

Over the Top: The Most Beautiful Elevators in the World

Elevators exist where there are beautiful buildings. Always keep in mind that a well-maintained elevator is as good as the most beautiful ones.

Jakarta Governor Basuki T.Purnama (Ahok) and His Social Programs

Socialism has always been a debatable topic in terms of its success as a system. In this article we are going to list Governor Basuki T.Purnama’s accomplishments in carrying out his Social Programs based on the principles of Pancasila, the hallmark of the Indonesian ideology.

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