Pence ‘standing up for the rule of law’: Former GOP representative

The Man Who Prevented the Next World War

Stanislav Petrov is perhaps a name that doesn’t mean almost nothing for the most of us. And still, it is the name of a man who avoided a Third World War, a nuclear war that could have lead slowly to the end of the earth we inhabit.

The Muslim Brotherhood Youth – What Can We Historically Compare That Strategy To?

When Mubarak fell from grace in Egypt revolution during the Arab Spring many were concerned of what type of new government might take over. Some suggested that since the military was mostly in control, and friends with the United States that we had nothing to worry about. Plus, many of those college students who started the revolution were also moderate Muslims or quite liberal, accepting of all religions. Other speculators suggested that the Muslim Brotherhood might take over, and we should be careful what we wish for in a new regime.

Earthquakes and Solar Eclipses in Australia

There are cities in Chile and Peru who celebrate lunar and solar eclipses. After the eclipses have passed, they then wait for the earthquake. More often than not they do get an earthquake because their coastlines are along the ring of fire, or a huge earthquake zone. Does the same thing happen in the Indian Ocean where the plates appear to be cracking and coming apart in places?

Israel Advances Into Gaza and Oil Prices Are Rising

Oil prices rose today after a Hamas leader was killed in Gaza. Israel is ready to advance into Gaza and Oil Prices should keep rising.

Is The United States Fiscal Cliff Enough to Nudge China Over A Political One?

Well, we just went through a rather ugly presidential election. Over $2 billion were spent on campaign advertisements; most of them attack ads on one another. They were nasty, purporting half-truths, and totally attempting to degrade the personal character of the other candidate. There was nothing pleasurable about it, it wasn’t pretty, but that’s how we do American politics now. We should be ashamed of ourselves, and it seems as if politics is no way to run our great nation. Nevertheless, that’s the way it is, but today I would like to talk to you about a different subject, not US politics, but the politics of China.

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