National Archives retrieves Trump documents, records

Hazara Movement

After nomination of NWFP to Khyber Pakhtunkhwah, the people of Hazara also demand a separate independent province. Therefore Hazara Province Movement (Movement-e-Soba Hazara) started with full action.Baba Haider Zaman became the official leader of Hazara Movement. This movement is all about demanding an independent and differentiated province from Khyber Pakhtoonkhawa. the leader and the supporters of this movement have also faced great difficulty but still there are quite optimistic about the movement. they have strong faith that one day their dedicated efforts will bring fruit to the people of Hazara.

How Clean Are Your Mechanical Seals?

It’s a must for mechanical seals to withstand extreme conditions-in extremely cold surroundings, under the scorching sun, settings with abrupt temperature changes, locations with toxic chemicals, and so on. To cope with these demanding applications, sealing technology is constantly changing. New and improved mechanical seals are produced so that sealing products can last longer.

A New Annual UN Report Predicts That Food Prices and Insecurity Will Increase

A new UN report has concluded that high food prices are likely to continue and possibly increase over the next decade which could lead to increased food insecurity in many countries. The authors of the report, The State of Food Insecurity in the World 2011, say that food insecurity is likely to grow and identifies 20 countries most at risk, the majority in Africa but some also in South Asia. They are most likely to be those that are highly dependent on importing food.

The Libyan Turmoil

The picture seemed bleak during the civil war. Since the outbreak from February 2011, the oil industry in Libya has been plunging downhill. The UN Security Council had banned oil exports from Libya to halt the supply of revenue towards the Qadhafi regime.

The Bully Nation: Is It Yours?

Bullying has become one of the most talked about media subjects in the early 21st century. Many parents, journalists, teachers, and graduate students have offered theories concerning the causes of bullying. Some, after believing they have a proven cause for the abusive behavior, have offered strategies to eradicate bullying in the classroom, the workplace, and even at home. Not many people have taken a step back to widen their field of view and recognize that the problem might be fueled by a much larger source – The Nation.

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