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Fascinated by Stalin: Heart Versus Brain

This article describes Stalin, and attitude of today’s Russians toward him. Stalin believed that the masses must be brutally manipulated and that punitive organs were essential tools for governing. Those “who are not with us are against us” was the slogan of the day. The class struggle, he wrote, intensifies after the victory of the revolution.

Who Killed Stalin?

Stalin’s death remains a mystery. One thing is certain, his chief of secret police, Beria, and other close associates, came for a late dinner on February 28, 1953. They left the dacha at about 4 A.M and Stalin went to bed. That was only several hours before he was found on the floor, after a presumably unnatural stroke.

Peter Pan’s Perspective on African Ingenuity

Our stereotypes of Africa often lead us to conclude that they only adapted to change because they had to. An investigation into real African lives in ancient history will show that early Africans, far from being our primordial monkey ancestors, thought and planned just as we do. Sometimes they adapted to change; sometimes they simply wanted to safety net their assets; sometimes, just like us, they simply wanted to try something new. Join me and see what kinds of innovations in agriculture, pastoral science, and social technology early Africans made!

A Guide to Applying for Naturalization

In this article we discuss the steps to applying for citizenship in the U.S. You’ll learn how and when to submit your application, and everything you need to know to get to the interview.

The Long Arm of the Cartel

An argument in favor of greater American attention to the drug war taking place in Mexico. This article mentions the growing influence that the drug cartels have in the United States and in the world.

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