Soaring energy prices drive up heating costs

Stability, Predictability, Consistency, and Standardization in the Flow of Commerce

The best of all possible worlds is for the government to stay out of the way of commerce, industry and business, and very rarely institute regulations. There are some times when government and businesses, industry associations should collaborate for the sake of standardization, but again, vary rarely. The tendency to allow industry collusion, create monopolies, duopolies or quasi-cartels is just too easy. Further, once you create one regulation it’s hard to prevent the add-on affect, the temptation is just too great to add exceptions, additions, clarifications as lawyers, unions, and consumer groups work to lobby legislators to intervene with the regulatory apparatus.

How Did Trade With China Get So Messed Up?

How come our trade deficit with China is so unbalanced? Currently, starting out in 2017 before Donald Trump takes office is hovering around $460 to $500 Billion annually. Interestingly enough, either the Obama Administration doesn’t want to be embarrassed by the real numbers or no one actually knows just how bad it really is. We don’t have free or fair trade with China and hopefully some of that will soon change. China is such a powerhouse of manufacturing that they could produce enough products for 5 planets with the combined global GDP.

The Road To Morocco Part I

At the crossroads of two continents, the Kingdom of Morocco is a unique North African nation on the northwestern rim of Africa. The diversity of desert, ocean, mountains and temperate climate make it an ideal tourist destination-and the natives are friendly. With its rich Mediterranean soil, the Carthaginians and Romans made it their breadbasket. Assigned here as a young foreign service officer, I made it my home.

A Breakaway Nigeria: The Best Way Forward

Today, Nigeria doesn’t seem to be moving forward. Why is this? Is it because of our corrupt leaders?

A Return To Traditional African Religion

It is quite disturbing and embarrassing to the indigenous African that our traditional religious values are on a downward slope. In his book; “How Europe Underdeveloped Africa”, Walter Rodney argues that the ravaging underdevelopment in Africa, can be traced to the cultural and political imperialism by the colonial masters. However, we are not concerned with political imperialism here.

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