Ex-NFL player on Flores’ suit: ‘I’m shocked it hasn’t happened before’

Mount Zion Is the Teaching for The End

There is so much of the bible that is hard to understand until one is taken through it by the Spirit. For two years it was hardly out of my hands as the words of the book came to life to expose the lies that have added and to extract the truth for publication.

The End of the World and Mount Zion

There is little doubt now that the world is coming to a major catastrophic time and that not many humans will survive. But some will go on and they the ones who will find themselves perched on God’s Mount Zion. So what does that mean?

The Big Picture – Why Are We Here?

The answers are not as straight forward as one might expect because they were not meant to be discovered until the appointed time. That time has arrived as we are nearing the end and the harvest is ready.

Informal Mining Industry in Southern Central Africa

Informal mining industry for precious and semi-precious stones in Southern Central Africa. Descriptions of the minerals and systems used to mine by informal miners in areas that are extremely difficult to access.

The Euro’s Original Sin

The euro was meant to bind united Germany within a peaceful, prosperous Europe. But Europe was not ready to be bound and now resents it.

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