Putin accuses US, NATO of ignoring Russia’s security concerns

American World Order on the Verge of Collapse

In my article, I have tried to discuss how China and Russia are trying to challenge the American dominance in the world politics. I have talked about many issues on which assertive role of the both above-mentioned countries can be noticed. Of the particular importance is Syria and Afghanistan in Russian terms and the issue of South and East China Sea in Chinese terms.

Animal Rights: Mulesing

As is common knowledge, the major share of the world’s wool comes from Australia. For the purpose, Australian farmers typically breed a variety of sheep known as the Merino sheep. They are bred as they have wrinkly skin, which means that there is more wool to shear from each animal. Apart from the fact that this unnatural abundance of wool causes the sheep to suffer immensely in the Australian heat with many of them collapsing, and some even die. The wrinkles tend to gather moisture and the hindquarters of the sheep is especially prone to collection of urine and feces residue, which in turn attract flies. These flies lay eggs into the folds of the wrinkles and when the maggots hatch, it causes immense distress to the sheep. There have been reports of sheep been eaten alive by hatched maggots in extreme cases.

How KRBL, India’s Largest Basmati Exporter Rose To Fame

Rice is the staple diet of most of the people of the country. And when it comes to anything, a rational person will definitely prefer nothing except the best. And in the case of rice, the question does not even arise after you come across Basmati Rice or India Gate Basmati Rice to be on a clearer note. You can be dining in any corner of the world, you will be happy to find that the India Gate Basmati Rice is an integral ingredient of all the rice recopies out there.

Making Meaning of The African Union Day: Is Cultural Hybridization The Answer?

The African Union is a body that replaced the Organisation of African Unity established on the 25th day of May 2001 in Addis Ababa in Ethiopia. This continental union was later launched on the 9th of July 2002 in South Africa. The Union is tasked with the primary goal of promoting peace, security, and stability in Africa. The African continent continues to wobble in maintaining national and regional peace. As a cultural anthropologist, I argue that the solution to the cessation of these ever-wakening fear of conflict is all African countries embracing the concept of hybridization of cultures.

Truman’s Blunder And The World Today

In all of recorded history of the United States one instance stands out that still to this day has complicated international relations almost to the point of igniting another World War. Lessons learned in today’s history books too many times omit the whole story behind actual events that have occurred. It is this Memorial Day that we remember the sacrifices that our military makes to keep our freedom alive.

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