Jan. 6 committee investigates Trump’s attempt to seize state voting machines

Arnab’s Republic a Reflection of What India Has Become – Noisy and Chaotic

Arnab Goswami’s new English news channel Republic TV is bang on target. It is very much a reflection of what India has become – a noisy, chaotic place where coherent debate without shouting, screaming and name-calling is impossible. For someone who has not watched Indian news channels for over two years now, the first hour of watching a show on Republic TV on Sunday night was frazzling.

Why Do Some Die and Others Survive, As in the London Grenfell Tower?

This is a question racing around the world as it deals with the after-math of the London tragedy, and the many others played out before our eyes. Mass shootings, terrorist bombings, vehicles driven through mobs of pedestrians, and now many burned alive in an apartment block. That on top of the horror in Syria, Yemen, and elsewhere as people die in their hundreds on a daily basis.

Human Traits That Are a Trap to Catch Out the Establishment

In the jungle of human existence, it’s easy to overlook certain traits of those who are forced into a regiment of control governed by law and the establishment. The interest of such has been to obey the ruler and push everyone into an army of obedience and worship. From the earliest records we see how that was accomplished by violence, enslavement, torture, and murder.

The Plan of God Is Laid Out in Prophecies

Not many would agree with this claim because they do not see or know the Spirit of the Universe as their God. They are confused by the myths, mysteries, and magic presented to them by religions. Brain-washed into believing in man’s rubbish about heaven and hell they have matched their dreams of eternal life to the fiction that dominates them.

How Far Can Humans Go in Exploring Space And What Good Does It Do?

The progress so far is extraordinary as space craft are able to go deep into space and send images back to earth. The question is how will that help in solving problems regarding our planet. Thinking our way through the maze of confusion and with a hotch potch of suggestions acting like ingredients in a stew only adds to it.

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