New COVID-19 cases fell across the US

When Will Nigerians Learn From Their Mistakes?

“Those who don’t learn from history, are doomed to repeat it”-Cecil John Rhodes, (the founder of ‘Rhodes Scholarship’, and whom Rhodesia was named after). Our fathers who orchestrated the first Coup d’etat, made a very huge mistake by destroying the Tafawa Balewa government. Their reason for this, is the corrupt practices and embezzlement of public funds in the government.

African ‘Unification’

It was rather exciting to watch the proceedings of the 50th anniversary of the African Union (AU), held at Addis Ababa on 25th May 2013. The event was colorful and quite well organized, I was proud to be African. This was especially after I heard a Bob Marley soundtrack, urging Africans to ’emancipate themselves from mental slavery’, gracing the occasion.

The Jagons of African Democracy

“There can only be one type of democracy and that is the democracy that recognizes certain pristine notions…

An Expanded Definition for the Wellness Industry: Is It Really Worth Nearly $4 Billion?

What is wellness, how is it defined and what are the major trends in the varied industries that comprise the worldwide wellness movement? This essay summarizes and critiques a wide ranging research report that identifies trends in ten different markets.

Money Is the Root of Evil and the Product of 666

Billionaires are cropping up everywhere and people are getting poorer and more in need as a result. The scales are tipped to ensure that the rich get richer while the opposite happens for the majority. The fault is the result of people’s greed and the lack of knowledge about the one who is the inventor of the system.

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